Fled Bricrenn

After Professor Proinsias Mac Cana's death in 2004, his widow Réiltín discovered among his papers the detailed preparatory work he and his collaborator Professor Edgar Slotkin had made towards an edition of Fled Bricrenn. Since this work was already at an advanced stage, Réiltín felt it should be made more widely available. On being asked by Réiltín to examine the work, Pádraig Ó Riain and Kevin Murray of the Department of Early and Medieval Irish in University College Cork, made a proposal  in 2014 to the Irish Texts Society, whose Council generously agreed to have the edition (electronic copy kindly supplied by Dr Sharon Arbuthnot), working texts, translation and other parts of the work as completed by Proinsias and Edgar published on its website. 

Users of this work should reference the website when citing it in publications and should understand that the material on the site, though an important contribution to scholarship,  represents an unfinished work. Finally, we wish to pay tribute here to the memories of Professors Mac Cana and Slotkin, and to thank Réiltín Mac Cana for making this material available.



An edition by Proinsias Mac Cana (1926-2004) and Edgar Slotkin



Related Publications

George Henderson, ed., Fled Bricrend: The Feast of Bricriu: An early Gaelic Saga transcribed from older mss. into the Book of the Dun Cow ... with conclusions from Gaelic ms. xl. Edinburgh Advocates Library (first published 1899) (Main Series, Vol. 2)

Pádraig Ó Riain, ed., Fled Bricrenn: Reassessments (Seminar series, 10)