The Irish Texts Society/Cumann na Scríbheann nGaedhilge was established in 1898 to advance public education by promoting the study of Irish literature. The focus of the Society from the beginning has been on the publication of texts in the Irish language, accompanied by introductions, English translations, glossaries and notes. Since its foundation, the Irish Texts Society has published sixty-five annotated texts in Irish in its Main Series, along with a further twenty-four volumes of related scholarship in its Subsidiary Series. The Society also hosts regular events for members and for the general public. For more information about the Society, see Irish Texts Society: The First Hundred Years, edited by Pádraig Ó Riain (Subsidiary Series 9).

Distinguished past members include Norma Borthwick, Rachel Bromwich, Myles Dillon, Patrick Dinneen, Idris Foster, Robin Flower, Eleanor Hull, Douglas Hyde, Gerard Murphy, Maurice O'Connell, Noel O'Connell.